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Accounting & Budgeting

As the first consideration of any project is typically the client's budget, we can provide a detailed and comprehensive production estimate upon request. This estimate will not only itemize the general costs for the entire production but will also show the specific costs as they are attributable to each individual layout (please see the Project Estimating link above). With this format we are able to produce revisions in an expeditious manner. Our clients also benefit from this estimate configuration in that they are able to have a clear understanding of where possible adjustments, if necessary, can be made (and what the approximate impact those modifications will have on the overall budget) prior to the execution of any revisions.

As the majority of our clients over the years have been Europeans, they have realized that the historical strength of the Euro has been quite favorable (especially with regards to a production budget) as it has allowed for an excellent value when working here in the United States (please see the Currency Converter display below for the most current exchange rates). Therefore, we can produce our production estimate with as many as three different currencies displayed concurrently. Ordinarily, this would include the currency of the project location, the photographer’s location, and the location of the agency / client.

Additionally, we furnish our clients with a meticulously detailed accounting package after the conclusion of the production which consists of both the invoices and reimbursable receipts that were acquired during the course of the project as well as an analysis of the spending by category (please see the Project Accounting link above). We have found that this allows for complete transparency of the production costs and on many occasions our clients have complemented us that, in their experience, our final accounting package was one of the most thorough that they had ever received.