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Location Research & Scouting

One of the primary questions to arise during the conceptual phase of any location project is where might be the most appropriate place to realize the production. Typically, the campaign will either be one of a generic nature, in which case the solution has a more pragmatic focus based on factors such as the variety of locations, their relative proximity to one another, and the anticipated prevailing weather conditions; or the campaign will be directed more by the appearance and possibly the perceived character of the actual location itself (particularly if it is readily identifiable by the general public). In either situation we can offer suggestions based on our years of experience.

Prior to the actual location scouting phase of a project we have found that it is quite beneficial for both our location scout and the client to have a period of time devoted to location research. During this research phase we will post locations from our files onto a dedicated and secure (password protected) Hard Drive Production web page. This allows whomever our client has designated with the ability to both review and make comments that will then provide guidance to the location scout with respect to the creative team’s conceptualization.

Here is an example of one location that we recently scouted for an Audi project. Please select the link to the left (Layout) in order to see the original layout in its entirety. Usually, we will post a wide variety of perspectives from each scouted location (please see the Static link above) as well as a selection of angles with movement (please see the Motion Blur link above) when the motif shows the vehicle in motion. Additionally, we will include compass angles (which can be reconciled with the information found via the Solar Calculator link on the left side of this page), GPS data, and (when available) an interactive Google map (please see below) so that the creative team can access each location’s potential based on its appearance and surrounding environment. Our website also allows any of the images to be easily downloaded in a size (720px x 480px) suitable for presentation to the client.