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Crew & Personnel

Years of production experience have enabled us to assemble a crew consisting of individuals who are not only extremely competent in there respective areas of expertise but also people who contribute to a positive team dynamic. Unlike the daily life of a typical office worker, the production crew member must be able to successfully adapt to the social environment of working, traveling, and dining with the other crew members especially when in the midst of an extended project. We have realized that the individual temperament of each crew member is a critical component which contributes substantially to the success of a production, especially when many of the crew members need to be focused on the creative priorities of their positions without having to be concerned about potential personal distractions.  We feel quite fortunate to have assembled the talented group of personnel with which we now work and which includes catering staff, location managers, location scouts, photo assistants, production assistants, production managers, and stylists, in addition to a wide assortment of support vendors.